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Complete Pilates

Pilates will hopefully be returning in Spring 2021.

Complete pilates is a new pilates class run by a Chartered Physiotherapist and is ideal for any level of ability.
Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which provides strength, flexibility, tone as well as rock hard abs.

It is also a perfect foundation for any other sport and prevents injuries.

About Me

I have been qualified as a Physio for over 15years and have taught Pilates for over 10 of them. I am a certified matwork Pilates Instructor with the APPI and have taught in a variety of settings.

I try and tailor the exercises to meet individual levels within the class.



7:00-8:00 AND 8:00-9:00.


Prices and discounts for members.

£6 or £5(members)

Contact details 

Nikki Kelham



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