Renshinkan aikido club


Aikido is a Japanese martial art that relies upon using the attackers own power and force to applies throws and locks to joints to disarm and attacker. The martial art is ideal for kids and adults alike as it is an defensive non aggressive martial art which does not rely heavily on size and weight to subdue an attacker.

Renshinkan Aikido club was started in 2001 in Manchester by Steve Evans and Abigail Bown. Steve Evans 4th Dan, the main instructor started aikido at the age of 12 in 1983 and went on to be four times British Mens Individual Champion and World Champion on three occasions in 2001, 2003 and 2005 before retiring from competition.

Steven Evans has studied under Nariyama Shihan 8th Dan and has spent time training in the headquarters in Osaka Japan. Since then the club has helped to train three more individual world champions.

Teenagers and adults
8pm - 9:30pm
Family class for kids and adults
7pm - 9pm

Wednesday: £6 per session
Friday: £6 for a family or £2.50 per child


If you are interested in joining or coming and watching the class please contact:

Steve Evans
Tel: 07974 098 738

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